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06:44 PM EST Thursday, June 1, 2023 | Pick Up Available M-F 10am-8pm
06:44 PM EST Thursday, June 1, 2023 | Pick Up Available M-F 10am-8pm
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Are you a designer looking to gain exposure while also being paid for your work? Whiteboard Template Marketplace is a great place for designers to flex their skills, creating stylish print templates while connecting with and selling to their audience. Join our community and turn your past print designs into profits by converting them into usable templates. Don’t have an audience? Our print partner All Pro Color serves over 35,000 clients and provides a built-in network of users that want to purchase YOUR designs! Showcase your skills and let the sales speak for themselves. It"s simple to earn, get paid, and keep doing what you love on Whiteboard.

Become a Whiteboard Template Designer!

Print Templates


Submit Templates

Submit Templates (Approved in 2 business days or less)


Make money

Make money on Print Orders instead of just template sales.



10% commission on every print order using your template!


Design Skills

Turn those Design Skills into Profits selling to our Built-in Network of Users.


Your Skills

Showcase your skills & let the Sales speak for themselves.

How it Works

Showcase your skills & let the Sales speak for themselves.


Create & Connect as a Whiteboard Template Designer!

Set your own price and send your templates in for approval. Our Commission rates make sure that you are paid for your hard work. After you make a sale, check your account to review our transparent payout system. Earnings are straightforward, so you know exactly what you"ve earned and when you"ll receive it. We take no fees while also offering 10% Commission on printed item sales!



Want to start selling your templates NOW? Whiteboard has a comprehensive and simple design criteria that makes it easy to create your templates and start selling as soon as possible.


Aesthetic & Design

Make sure your templates are creative, yet legible with balanced contrast. It never hurts to look at and put your own spin on trending styles.


Layout & Structure

Sensible Composition - A business card with the name or company as the focal point, for example. Make sure your templates are laid out and structured in ways that make sense to the viewer.What to Do


What Not to Do

Please do not use copy written or trademarked design elements in your templates. All template components should belong to or be designed by you for exclusive use in the templates that you sell.